About me
I would like to introduce myself. I am Jan van Tuijn (1981) graduated physiotherapist since 2004. I am currently employed as a research manager at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.

Background: I have studied in Nijmegen in 2004 and conducted a research project for the Sports Medical Center Nijmegen St. Maartenskliniek (along with a colleague). Because of this I came in contact with the "research world", which I find a fun and important part of health care. In 2006 I went for a research position at the Erasmus MC as I moved to the west of the Netherlands. Because of that research position i'm less in contact with patients, therefore I made ​the choice to start private practice at home.

In 2005, I have followed one year of the "Ayurvedic healing" course by Dr. AK Mehta in The Hague. I also followed an Ayurvedic massage course in Oss.

Both in my professional and personal environment, I recognize many signs of people who really want a relaxing massage, but who experienced a barrier to actually do this.
However once they came they wanted to come more often... so be warned.
Jan van Tuijn • Amberhof 24 • 3162 RA • Rhoon